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Les Rencontres Medical Device Development

22 octobre 2020

Molinges, Jura


This Interactive web event will allow you to know more about the method developed by JBT Hub Up to succeed in all the important challenges classically encountered during development projects of medical device :

  • Regulatory and economic constraints inflation
  • Performance and robustness requirements for products of expanding complexity
  • Shorter time for market access 
  • Cost management
  • Difficult sanitary conditions leading to travels and people interactions limitation

You will have the opportunity to understand the methodology but also to understand its practice through a case study and, above all, through an innovative business meeting focus on your project and the required specific skills. 
Your web event revolves around 3 time spots: 

  • An open live session, revealing JBT Hub Up projects management’s method and explaining a real case study.
  • Company web interactive introduction. You can choose 2 companies based on your interests.
  • An innovative business meeting, focus in full confidentiality on your project and the required specific skills. You can choose any expert skills based on your interests.